Private Tour: Tongariki Sunrise Experience

3 hours | Start Time: 06:30 -07:00 | Pick up | Drop off: selected hotel



1 & 2 People:     USD 150
3 people:          USD 180
4 people:          USD 220
5 people:          USD 250
6 people:          USD 270

*Total prices
* National Park Ticket not included


Prepare to be seduced by the breathtaking sunrise in the Moai statues of Ahu Tongariki. This is an experience that will remain etched on your memory forever!


  • Start your day on Easter Island with an impressive sunrise on the Ahu Tongariki and enjoy the magic and mystery of these statues of Rapa Nui with this 2-hour tour.

  • Admire the combination of colors, the sea and the historical moai that create a special magic and mysticism in this place. An unforgettable visual spectacle that you will remember all your life.


  • The sun rises behind the platform during summertime (October to March) and from Poike volcano during the rest of the year.


  • Please note: There are more chances of unclear skies during wintertime. 


What is included?

  • Private transportation 

  • Private tour guide (Bilingual Spanish/English) - other languages available upon request

  • Cofee / Tea served at the place

What is not included?

  • Rapa Nui National Park Ticket is required to do this tour. It has a cost of USD 90 per person.

  • Lunch. We recommend you bring small cash or bring your own snack along the tour.