Private Tour: Rapa Nui underground

6 hours | Start Time: 09.00 | Pick up | Drop off: selected hotel



*Total prices
* National Park Ticket not included

1 & 2 People:    USD 350
3 people:          USD 420
4 people:          USD 490
5 people:          USD 550
6 people:          USD 620


Enjoy this trekking tour visiting the most important caves and caverns of the island understanding how its inhabitants could survive the depletion of its resources and inclement of the weather.


  • Ana Te Pahu: Lava channels that go along an important territory, through which four underground chambers connect, form Ana Te Pahu, the biggest cave in Rapa Nui. Its great size made it ideal in primitive times; several umu (old kitchen system) show it was also used to prepare food. Ana Te Pahu is also known as the “cave of the bananas” since there is a big amount of that tree in the entrance.

  • Ana Te Pora: Volcanic cave whose main entrance is about 100 meters from the parking lot. This cave was used as both a shelter and ceremonial place in ancient times.

  • Ana Kakenga: Volcanic cave where the lava flowed into the sea and left two mouths or "windows " leading directly to the cliff. Also known as the "cave of the two windows." this cave has a length of about 50 meters. It served as “kionga” or place of refuge in ancient times.

  • Ahu Te Peu: Ahu Te Peu is an area with a high archeological value. Since it hasn’t been restored it is possible to observe the site exactly as the old inhabitants who, after internal wars, knocked down the moai left it.  Here you can see the biggest boathouse or hare paenga in the island with 43 meters long.


What is included?

  • Private transportation 

  • Private tour guide (Bilingual Spanish/English) - other languages available upon request

  • Reusable bottle with filtered Rapanui water - Aguas Vai Tea

What is not included?

  • Rapa Nui National Park Ticket is required to do this tour. It has a cost of USD 90 per person.

  • Lunch. We recommend you bring small cash or bring your own snack along the tour.