Private tour: Poike: Leave your mark

7 hours | Start Time: 09.00 | Pick up | Drop off: selected hotel



1 & 2 People:     USD 350
3 people:          USD 430
4 people:          USD 520
5 people:          USD 580
6 people:          USD 640

*Total prices
* National Park Ticket not included


Trek to the oldest volcano of Easter Island and see the archeological sites carved from other different volcanic material. An invitation to leave your mark by planting a tree in a deforested area. This tour requires a high level of stamina.


  • Vai to Heva: From your hotel on Easter Island we head to the north part of the island. In this trekking, we will visit Vai to Heva which is a huge carved head, which possibly served to collect rainwater and used in rituals alluding to this vital resource. 

  • Ana o Keke: we will stop by to discover a head part of a moai that comes from the quarry of the Rano Raraku and made from a white stone obtained from the Maunga Tea Tea quarry, a secondary cone of Poike.

  • Ana o Keke cave:  located on the cliff of Poike. This cave represents an emblematic place for Rapa Nui, popularly known as "The cave of the virgins" and where you can see some petroglyphs that allude to the ceremony of confinement of women. 

  • Kava Kava Kio'e: petroglyphs where it is said that the natives gathered to observe the stars. We continue towards Kava Kava Kio'e, which is the most eroded place on the island with an indescribable desert landscape of red earth. It is in this place where the activity of planting a tree takes place. 

  • Motu Maratiri: The trekking ends at the viewpoint of Motu Maratiri where you can see a dazzling landscape overlooking the islet of Motu Maratiru and Ahu Tongariki in the background. 
    Then we return to our starting point and return to Hanga Roa.


What is included?

  • Private transportation 

  • Private tour guide (Bilingual Spanish/English) - other languages available upon request

  • Reusable bottle with filtered Rapanui water - Aguas Vai Tea

What is not included?

  • Rapa Nui National Park Ticket is required to do this tour. It has a cost of USD 90 per person.

  • Lunch. We recommend you bring small cash or bring your own snack along the tour.