Private Tour: Full-day The mystery of the moai

6 hours | Start Time: 09.00 (07:00 sunrise option) | Pick up and Drop off: selected hotel


1 & 2 People:    USD 280
3 people:          USD 330
4 people:          USD 400
5 people:          USD 460
6 people:          USD 515

*Total prices
* National Park Ticket not included


Unravel the mysteries of Easter Island on this full-day private guided tour of its archeological sites. In the company of just your party, enjoy your guide's undivided attention as they show you around the island's moai and explain the complex methods used to carve and transport these incredible figures to their platforms.


  • Akahanga Ceremonial Complex: Located on the southeast coast of the island it is considered as an emblematic place where you can understand how the village was arranged in relation to the ceremonial center or ahu.  

  • Rano Raraku: Rano Raraku houses the quarry where the moai were built and from where they were moved to the ahu (ceremonial platforms) on the island.  

  • Ahu Tongariki: The largest platform on the island with 15 restored statues standing overlooking the island with their backs to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Te Pito Kura: With 11 meters long and about 90 tons weight here we find the largest moai transported from Rano Raraku: Ahu o Paro. Next to this Ahu we find the famous rounded stone called Te Pito 'o te Henua.

  • Anakena & Ahu Nau Nau: The most beautiful beach of Rapa Nui. where Ariki Hotu Motua and his sister Avareipua first arrived. Visit the Ahu Nau Nau, and the archeological site of an ancient complex construction  


What is included?

  • Private transportation 

  • Private tour guide (Bilingual Spanish/English) - other languages available upon request

  • Reusable bottle with filtered Rapanui water - Aguas Vai Tea

What is not included?

  • Rapa Nui National Park Ticket is required to do this tour. It has a cost of USD 90 per person.

  • Lunch. We recommend you bring small cash or bring your own snack along the tour.


Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki:

  • Start your full day with the unforgettable and unique spectacle of the sun rising at Ahu Tongariki.

  • The sun rises behind the platform during summertime (October to March) and from Poike volcano during the rest of the year.  

  • There are more chances of unclear skies during wintertime.

1 & 2 People:     USD 70
3 person:          USD 100
4 person:          USD 120
5 person:          USD 150
6 person:          USD 150

*Total prices

Picnic lunch:

  • Enjoy a delicious lunch served at Anakena area or Rano Raraku quinchos

  • Choice of chicken/ribs; fresh salads, rice, fresh fruits, juice, mineral water/soda.

USD 30 per person