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Entry and Immigration to Easter Island

New Law 21.070 - Regulations and Residence in Rapa Nui 


Tourists must meet all the entry requirements for foreigners visiting Chile, as listed in Interior Ministry Decree Law No. 1,094, issued in 1975. However, there are additional special requirements for entering the territory of Rapa Nui. This law 21.070 arises to ensure the conditions that enable sustainable development on Rapa Nui, protect the quality of life of island inhabitants and conserve the island’s environmental and cultural heritage.


New requirements to visit Easter Island as a TOURIST

Length of stay: You can only stay in the territory for a maximum period of 30 days


Documents required before you board a plane to Easter Island


Certified accommodation:

As a tourist, you may only stay in a Sernatur-accredited accommodation therefore we recommend you check with your hotel, hostel, cabin if they are registered with SERNATUR. Make sure you bring a  printed or online copy of your booking document to be presented at the moment of boarding. ​​

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