At Kava Kava Tours we design and organize customized trips for travelers visiting Easter Island, seeking to share the natural and heritage of our culture and history, connecting with our travelers through a unique experience. Our service is characterized by a strong service orientation, detail, personalization and high quality standards.

Sebastián Paoa Á.

CEO & Founder Kava Kava Tours

Raised in Rapa Nui he has managed to make tourism a sustainable way involving local communities. He has extensive experience in strategies, marketing and planning of Rapa Nui as a destination. Combining his job at the travel agency Sebastián also worked as Head of Communications and Tourism at Ma’u Henua, – Rapa Nui National Park developing strategies according to the new model established on the island in 2016. From 2014 to 2017 worked for the Government as Head of the National Tourism board at SERNATUR – Easter Island. Some of his most relevant projects is the collaboration in the development of a Strategic Plan for the implementation of marketing strategies for Rapa Nui as an international destination. In 2018 he was invited by the United States Government receiving a distinction as a Young Leader in Sustainable Tourism in behalf of the International Visitor Leadership Program USA – 2018 ”(IVLP). He was recently invited as a speaker at the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit held in Cancun Mexico in 2019. Through his more than 10 years of experience in tourism Sebastian continues to work in the urgent need to develop a conscious and sustainable tourism to protect Rapa Nui for the generations to come

Tree plantation program

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Kava Kava tours have created a program that benefits the environment through the planting of a tree in the most deforested area of Rapa Nui. This initiative allows mitigating the carbon footprint emitted by each tourist during their stay in Rapa Nui.

Águas Vai Tea

Filtered Rapa Nui Water

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One of the great problems of the island is the management of the waste that is produced.  We are committed to the preservation of natural resources by reducing the number of plastic water bottles used in Easter Island. Each tour you do with us includes a bottle of “Vaitea filtered water”. This bottle can be recharged as many times as you want in many local businesses (shops, restaurants, etc.), which have become “charging points”.

You are also contributing to the local families of our community

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