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Easter Island Tours

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Find out how the mystery comes alive when you are guided by the right people.

Kava Kava Tours is a local travel agency that offers private tours at Easter Island. Run by rapanui people we guarantee a personalized service to get the most of your stay at the island. 

Our commitment is to provide you with an unforgettable and inspiring tour time ensuring your tour is authentic and beyond of what you have ever imagined. We also provide tours for small or large groups too. What makes us different is that we work passionately with love and care about our island being proud of what we have and ready to share it with you.

Come and discover with us this exciting place by living the experience of being part of this precious legacy.   

Experience our Easter Island tours 

Join us to discover the path of our ancestors

Must-see archeological sites tours

Ahu Tongariki Tour

The Mystery of the Moai: Full Day Private Tour

Discover Easter Island on this complete tour and comprehend the history of the megalithic culture of Rapa Nui. Here is interpreted everything about the moai, the emblematic figure of Easter Island.

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Rano Kau Tour

In search of the Birdman Cult: Full Day Private Tour

Learn about the last great stage of Easter Island before the evangelization. The ceremonial village of O'rongo was the scene where the birdman or Tangata Manu was rammed every year.

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Tahai Tour

Jewels of Rapa Nui: Full Day Private Tour

A combination of the Discover the mystery of the moai and the In Search of the birdman cult this tour option is ideal for those who are looking just to see the highlights of the island in one day.

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Trekking & Hiking Easter Island Tours

Poike Trekking Tour

Poike: Leave your mark. Full Day Private Trekking

Trek to oldest volcano of Easter Island and see the archeological sites carved from other different volcanic material. An invitation to leave your mark by planting a tree in a deforested area.

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Caves Trekking Tour

Rapa Nui underground: Half Day Private Trekking

Enjoy this trekking tour visiting the most important caves and caverns of the island understanding how its inhabitants could survive the depletion of its resources and inclement of the weather.

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Terevaka Tour

Island's highest volcano: Half Day Private Trekking

Imagine being able to watch the sea in 360° and perceive the circular horizon. Witnessing the solitude in the middle of the ocean, perceiving our own smallness and the uniqueness of the place.

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Multi-Day Tours

Multi-Day Private Tour

2 Half Days & 1 Full Day Private Tours

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 1 full day tours combination. If you arrive on a midday flight and leave on the third day this program is for you !

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Multi-Day Private Tour - A

2 Half Days & 2 Full Days Private Tours | OPTION A

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 2 full day tours combination. If you arrive on a midday flight and leave on the third day this program is for you !

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Multi-Day Private Tour B

2 Half Days & 2 Full Days Private Tours | OPTION B

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 2 full day tours combination. If you arrive on a midday flight and leave on the third day this program is for you !

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Other Experiences

In Transit Tour Tahiti

In Transit Tahiti: Full Day Private Tour

If you are traveling to Tahiti and have a layover at Mataveri Airport don't waist your opportunity to explore Easter Island

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Sunrise Tongariki

Tongariki Sunrise: Half day private Tour

Prepare to be seduced by the breathtaking sunrise at the moai of Ahu Tongariki. This is an experience that will remain forever!

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Rapanui Body Paint

Ancestral Experience: Body paint photo session & Cocktail

Enjoy an incredible sunset in Ahu Tahai and dress like rapanui in a photoshoot experience & cocktail

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Easter Island Private Transfer

Mataveri Airport: Transfer Private Service

Private transfer from Mataveri airport to your hotel. Comfortable transportation and bilingual driver. The service includes a welcome flower necklace!

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Rapanui dancing show

Rapanui Dinner & culture dancing show

Immerse yourself in Rapa Nui culture through food, myth and dance with this popular traditional dinner and show. Includes hotel pick up and drop off

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Hanga Roa cruise

Shore Excursions - Small group tours

We know that your time in port is one of the most important parts of your vacation Enjoy a more intimate tour experience and discover for yourself the mystery of Easter Island.

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Lunch and other options available on each tour.


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