Easter Island Information

How to get to Easter Island

Daily flights operate to and from the Chilean capital, Santiago. The flight takes between 4 hours and 50 minutes, and 5 hours and 40 minutes. 


There is only one airline operating flights from/to Easter Island: LATAM www.latam.com


Weekly flights reach Easter Island from Papeete in Tahiti. Those need 5 hours and 50 minutes to reach. 

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Cost and money

We  recommend to bring cash with you  because many shops accept payments in US dollars in addition to the Chilean pesos. Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted in most restaurantes an local shops. Remember that you are traveling to the most remote place on earth therfore internet might become insestable when paying with credit cards. 

ATM machines: There are 2 places where you can kind ATM machines to take cash from. Banco Estado and Banco Santander operating 24/7 in Hanga Roa. 


Keep in mind that Easter Island is much more expensive when compared to mainland Chile.



Banco Santander

When to visit

Easter Island is a year-round destination, with the time to visit being from December through April. This is the warmest period of the year. Moreover, temperatures on the island fall between 16 Celsius degrees and 25 Celsius degrees. However, be prepared for rain at any time of the isle. This is why it’s better to bring a rain jacket when visiting.

National Park Ticket


The Rapa Nui National Park is an area that covers more than 40% of Easter Island and includes the most important archaeological and tourist sites in the area. In order to enter it is necessary to buy a ticket that will allow you to access and visit different places on the island.

Ticket price

  • Chilean adults: CLP $20,000

  • Chilean children: CLP $10,000

  • Foreign adults: USD$ 90

  • Foreign children: USD$ 40

  • No discounts for students and seniors

  • Only children under 12 are considered children

  • The ticket is individual and non-transferable

  • The ticket lasts 10 days from your first entry to the park

  • Entry can be requested at any time by the guards. Always carry it with you

  • There is no visit limit for the places, except for Rano Raraku and Orongo, where you can enter only once