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Kava Kava Tours is a local travel agency that offers private tours, cruise excursions, accommodation packages, and other island experiences that guarantee a personalized experience to get the most out of your stay on Easter Island.


Our team is immersed in the local culture and have a deep and knowledgeable passion for what they do. We are happy to consecutively obtain the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and to be recommended by the Lonely Planet Travel Guides.

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Our experiences

Must see archeological sites


The mystery of the moai

Discover Easter Island on this complete tour and comprehend the history of the megalithic culture of Rapa Nui. Here is interpreted everything related to the moai.

Price from: 

USD 310

Rano Kau .jpg

In search of the birdman cult

Learn about the last great stage of Easter Island before the final evangelization of the Rapanui people and the ceremony of the birdman cult.

Price from: 

USD 310


Jewels of Rapa Nui

See the jewels of Easter Island at a glance. This tour option is ideal for those who are looking just to see the highlights of the island in one single day.

Price from: 

USD 310

Hikes & Trekkings

Ana Kakenga.JPG

Rapa Nui underground

Trek to the most important caves and caverns of the island understanding how its inhabitants could survive the depletion of its resources and inclement of weather.

Price from: 

USD 350


Poike: Leave your mark

Hike to the oldest volcano and see the archeological sites and views of Easter Island. An invitation to leave your mark by planting a tree in a deforested area. 

Price from: 

USD 420


Island's highest volcano

Trek to the top of the volcano to watch the sea at 360° and perceive the circular horizon. Witness the infinite solitude in the middle of the ocean.

Price from: 

USD 310

Multi-day tours


2 Half Days & 1 Full Day

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 1 full day tour combination. If you arrive on a midday flight and leave on the third day this program is for you

Price from: 

USD 920


2 Half Days & 2 Full Days - A

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 2 full day tours combination. If you arrive at mid-day flight  and leave on the fourth day this program is for you

Price from: 

USD 1100

Rano Raraku.jpg

2 Half Days & 2 Full Days - B

Maximize your time on this 2 half days & 2 full day tours combination. If you arrive at mid-day flight  and leave on the fourth day this program is for you

Price from: 

USD 1100

Other experiences

Tongariki sunrise.jpg

Tongariki Sunrise 

Prepare to be seduced by the breathtaking sunrise in the statues of Ahu Tongariki. This is an experience that will remain etched on your memory forever

Price from: 

USD 150

In transit.jpeg

In-transit tour Tahiti flight

If you are traveling to Tahiti and have a layover at Mataveri Airport don't waist your opportunity to explore Easter Island.

Price from: 

USD 380

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Ancestral Photo Experience

Enjoy an incredible sunset in Ahu Tahai and dress like rapanui in a photoshoot experience & cocktail.

Price from: 

USD 330


Mataveri Airport to Hotels

Start your trip  with this arrival private transfer from Mataveri airport to your hotel. . Service includes welcome reception flower necklace !

Price from: 

USD 20

rapanui dinner.jpg

Rapanui dinner & show

Live the unique experience of participating in an ancestral rapanui ceremony with live music along with a wonderful ancestral dinner.

Price from: 

USD 80

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